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Splitter Introduction
Boya hydraulic splitter can produce 500T tons splitting force. It can split boulders or concrete easily within a few seconds. So it is the best choice of static blasting.
Compared with similar foreign products, it also has the advantages of a lower price (about 1/4 of the price of similar foreign products) and it’s a kind of ideal equipment to replace secondary blasting and manual.
This product is mainly used in the follow areas:
1. Stone and mineral mining
2. The partial and total removal Project of concrete members (cement pavement, machine tool foundation, bridges and building components).
3. The stone demolition of concrete structure in tunnels, ditchs, indoor and narrow space
Boya hydraulic splitter rock-breaking method is new construction method developed by Liuzhou boya machinery co., ltd. It has been used in stonework, the road surface removal and slope treatment engineering and other similar engineering. In the case that explosives is’t allowed, compared with the breaking hammer, it can create better economic benefit.
Operational elements of Boya hydraulic splitter rock-breaking method is “ Hydraulic Splitter + Rock Drill + Artificial. Specific operation method is that: First, according to the thickness, volume and fracture layer of peeling or disintegration rock, to ensure the division direction, and cross-section, hole depth and selected splitter cylinder (1 to 8); Second, drilling some holes of 40 ~ 50 cm depth in cross-section, in order to improve operating efficiency, we can drill hole in advance.; Third, inserting splitting cylinder.
The economic consumption of Boya hydraulic splitter rock-breaking method is “electricity charge + salary+ mechanical exhaustion”, when the breaking hammer is“equipment leasing +operator” and its economic consumption is high rental fees and diesel energy consumption. According to the test sampling, the economic consumption of Boya hydraulic splitter is 15% of the breaking hammer. As for the construction effect, the efficiency of Boya hydraulic splitter is double than the breaking hammer. When Boya hydraulic splitter can splits the stone block smoothly, the breaking hammer hammers will not reach the effect because of rebound over, and. So Boya hydraulic splitter rock-breaking method is efficient and economical.
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